My Adventure Fuel Essentials

For those of you who are curious about what I eat to fuel my adventures...because pizza & beer aren't always the answer...


FOR EVERYDAY & ON THE TRAIL: @kuranutrition Wellness Powders are my go to for energy & nourishment - it literally pushes me to the summit. My favorite is the Chai Vegan Wellness Powder that can be mixed with just water or cold brew for an extra boost. I also make no-bake energy bites with Kura on a weekly basis & bring them to work if I don't pack lunch (which is always lately).


FOR CAMPING & BACKPACKING: So my bestie @siedah_quirk introduced me to @goodtogofoods & ever since that night around the campfire I'm totally addicted. I was never a fan of dehydrated foods until I tasted their mushroom risotto. So. Damn. Good. All you have to do is add water!! & it's real food - you'd be surprised how hard that is to come by nowadays.


FOR BREAKFAST & THE OFFICE: 🍄adventures are better when you're on shroooms!🍄I'm one of those people that misses breakfast & lunch on the regular because (capricorn probs). I get focused & before I know it, it's 7pm & all I've had is 40oz of water. trust me, I know how bad this is for my overall health & wellbeing so I'm trying to be better about putting myself first. 

solution: I've been mixing @foursigmatic Mushroom Powders & @kuranutrition Wellness Powders in my shaker with water before I start my workday. I'm telling you this has been a lifesaver (especially as a vegetarian). I honestly feel noticeably better with more energy. With one serving of each powder I am getting protein, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & more!! Now I just need to get back into my workout routine.

If you're serious about your adventures, you should be mindful of what your consuming along the way... with the right fuel, you can conquer any summit! (and both Kura Nutrition & Good To-Go companies are local for all of my New England lovahss!)

Happy trails!


I don't use many products but the products I do use I swear by...let me know if you guys want to hear more about my life essentials or if you just want to see me on mountain tops with @mrbrunobuttcheeks 😂