As a creative director, designer, and visual storyteller, Cassouki channels creative energy and inspiration through intuition, spirit, and nature. She aims to awaken individual creativity and crystalize connection through her work in visual and healing arts. Cassouki specializes in creative vision, brand development, photography, strategy, and execution for all facets, mission and brand.

a note from cassouki

Welcome! My name is Cassouki Chouramanis. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, immersing myself in the natural world from a young age.  This allowed me to draw inspiration from the wilderness I hold so dearly and translate it into my work. I am passionate about the intersection where strategy and creative meet, meaning that everything has a purpose.

Who am I outside of the office? I'm a free spirit with an old soul. I ask myself daily what impact I want to have on the world. I'm addicted to raising the vibration through the healing arts. I’m a certified reiki teacher and guide lakeside sunset sessions at my home. There's nothing I enjoy more than a great conversation. If I'm not on set or designing, there's a 99% chance I'm on an outdoor adventure. And last but not least, I never end on a bad note.


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